What do we do

Our specialties include lighting, home automation, security, telecommunications, computer technology and audiovisuals. You can request our services from the beginning to the end of your project. But, specially, we are specialized in listening to you and converting your ideas into lighting and technology.

We can work for your architecture or interior designing office, either employed by your construction company, your electrician or directly with you. Our over 15- year experience guarantees that whatever your project is, the result will be satisfactory.

If you want to have an active role, we will love working with you. However, if you don’t have any time and you want a fast answer, we can also do it all for you.

We work with the major installers in Ibiza and Mainland, allowing us to be in charge of everything and you only have to worry about being the main character in your own adventure.

Home automation

Home automation allows us to join the resources in our environment so they work in unison. It’s a way to give such important feelings as comfort, wellbeing, security and care for the environment. In order to achieve it, we create an easy and intuitive interface, designed by Estudio Aureo. We make use of our knowledge to get a successful ending .

By controlling the lighting, the climate, the curtains, the audio and video, we will be able to get authentic emotions. Through sight, touch , hearing and odour, we will be able to personalize your environment and surprise you.


We regard lighting as a chance to create smart atmospheres ,adapted to the environment, climatology and our feelings. We enhance the textures and lines in our environment, combining them with natural light and generating personalized scenes for our events. Our challenge is at night, when natural beauty is gone.

We offer you complete documentation to control consumptions; renders to interpret light effects; AUTOCAD plans to work together with your team, diagrams and AS-BUILD documentation.


ACurrently, we are all surrounded by audiovisual items in our daily life (work, advertisements and presentations). The right election of them may mean a forward step in comfort-wellbeing- quality. We will help you to choose, plan and get it installed.

and lots of technology

our brands.

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