About aureo.

We are a team of professionals, really passionate about our job. We reckon that lighting and technology allow atmospheres to express their inhabitants’ personality.

Your house, that shop you have always dreamed about, your holidays house or that hotel you stay at in summer have got their own identity: yours. We know that small details are those which permit us to live an authentic experience. That’s why we want each single area to shine and to have all the conveniences you have always dreamt about. You are different and unique. We want you to feel unique everyday, without following stereotypes, rules or general norms.

You are the main character of this adventure!

Do you read at night or do you always leave the light on?

Do you like luxury?

Would you like to hold an unforgettable party? Or instead, are you a discreet person who enjoys listening to the silence?

Are you more comfortable with light or in the shadow? Do you listen to music while relaxing?

What do you want your customers to feel when they go in your establishment?

If you feel like it, we can help you to modulate your atmosphere so that it is an extension of yourself. We can promise you something: we will focus on what you want , and we will make it come true!

We work with the latest technologic innovations and the best brands in this sector support us. You are the most important for us.
Let’s not about weird terminology, technical terms, technology and brands! Instead,
let’s talk about you and your projects!
As for our curriculum, our team is formed with two business partners whose experience in technologic development and lighting designs, respectively, is over 15 years long.
But also, there are: a computer engineer, an architect adapted to home automation and lighting and who is the communication nexus with architects and   interior designers who trust us; business advisers who guide our customers. Finally, a group of technicians with distinct degrees who allows to deliver the installations as good as possible. Our target is to improve in order to offer you the best and with our biggest smiles.

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A delicate touch

We are a group of professional in the technologic and lighting sector, whose goal is to create unique, personalized atmospheres adapted to our customers. Our team includes Lighting Designers,business advisers, home automation installers, authorized by the main brands of this sector.

We contribute to your project with our skills and tools. You decide when we work: either in the designing of the plans or the managing of industrials, conducting the instalment or in the programming and the distribution of materials if you already have the professional you trust

Joan Albert Cardona Joan Albert Cardona

Joan Albert Cardona

Technology Creative
Natalia Boned Natalia Boned

Natalia Boned

Diseño de producto y espacio
Miguel Ángel Cano Miguel Ángel Cano

Miguel Ángel Cano

Responsable Técnico
Raúl Mesas Raúl Mesas

Raúl Mesas

Técnico / Instalador- Audiovisuales
estudio aureo.
Avda. Sant Jordi-Esq. Sa Gerreria
07800 · Ibiza
Phone: +34 971 306 259
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